'94 Toyota pickup: door lock change


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Red face '94 Toyota pickup: door lock change

this is my first post here.
I have a 1994 Toyota pickup. I recently lost all my keys. Was able to retrieve the ignition key from the dealer, with the VIN number. Unfortunately, the person who had my truck before did work on it, and as a result, I had different keys for ignition, driver door, passenger door, gas tank, and cap.
I've been able to use a screwdriver to pop gas tank open, so it's been alright the last couple of days. However, will be driving to the city soon so need to get the locks fixed.
I called the locksmith, seems it will be a lot more expensive if he has to remove lock. I took a shot at it, got door panel mostly off (stay stuck on window crank though!) but didn't want to mess it up. How does one remove door panel and lock, and reinstall?
Also, can I remove the lock on the gas tank? Not very useful anyway.
Last would be the cap lock. Any ideas?

Thanks!! and be careful not to lose your keys in a snowbank!

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Welcome to the forums!

There is a locking type ring (looks kind of like a horseshoe) holding the window crank on. Autozone type stores carry the special tool to remove this. The tool slips down between the panel annd the crank and slips this ring off. I have removed these before by slipping a rag between the sides of it and go back and forth and that has gotten them off before as well. The tool is only a few bucks but it's worth it.

Once you get the whole panel off, along with the plastic, you should have access too remove the door locks.

Locksmiths will charge A LOT of money for anything. I locked myself out of my house once, and he charged me $80 for 30 seconds of work. Wow.

You could probably order a new lock for the gas door. It should be held on my a lock nut on the inside portion of the door. Depending if this gas door is spring operated, I would suggest keeping the lock on so the door doesn't come open while you drive. If it's spring closed, you could remove the lock entirely and and install a rubber plug grommet.

You can purchase locking gas caps at Autozone type stores as well.
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Thank you Mark, I will try to get that window crank off today.
Once that panel is off, is the lock itself simple to remove?

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Thats right just use a rag slide it under handle and move back and forth it will snag the clip . I did it this weekend on my toyota. as far as door lock removal pretty sure it is easy. I have found everything almost too easy about toyotas.
Simple straight forward design no reinventing the wheel every year with those guys.
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If you know the general area where the keys disappeared, organize a scavenger hunt with a $50 prize for the finder. Someone may just find them, and $ 50 is cheaper than re keying all those locks. If they reappear, get a spare set cut A.S.A.P.
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Good idea! unfortunately it was during the big blizzard (of course)... so they are somwhere in a monster snowbank, or carted away to the dump..

but when i do get problem fixed, i will be getting a spare set cut right away!

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