Electrical Weirdness

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Electrical Weirdness

I have a 94 Plymouth Grand Voyager LE, 3.8L, V6, 102K miles. Excellent shape. I made the mistake of letting my teenager borrow it because his car was in the shop.

Apparently, he left the lights on and the battery ran down. (Battery is only one year old.) One of his friends offered to help him with a jump start, and in the dark, they cross-connected the jumper cables.

After they put out the fire from the burning jumper cables, he called me so I went and got the thing jumped so he could drive it home. (Yes, he and his friend got a lecture on how lucky they were that they didn't end up with a face full of battery acid, and/or two cars in flames.)

The van ran fine for a few weeks, but now has been having two intermittent electrical issues: hard starting and "sudden death", where it will just die as I'm driving along. One day, it will start and run fine, the next, symptoms are back.

I tested the battery and it is good. I get no check engine lights and the battery gauge reads fine.

Any ideas?

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Sounds to me like you have a bad ground somewhere. I would check the following:
Negative Cable
Where the Negative Cable grounds to the frame
Other Grounding straps

Hope it helps

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