91 Tempo Ignition module

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91 Tempo Ignition module

My car bucks and looses power when at full operatoing temperature. It also sometimes dies but will restart okay. Usually occurs at over 50 mph.
I have replaced plugs, dist cap and rotor, also the fuel filter. Plug wires are ony about 1 year old or so. It has 174 k miles.

Some articles suggest an ignition control module.

Does anybody know how to replace an ignition module on a 1991 Ford Tempo? Any references to pictures of it location or tools needed?
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Check here, kip:


Might also make sure you don't have a clogged exhaust system.
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Thanks Tow Guy,
I appreciate the quick response. I'll give it a try and let you know. I'll keep my ax handy just in case I have trouble getting the distibutor out...
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You shouldnt need to remove the distributor. There is a special socket required, but other than that it should be simple enough to do. The socket is a 5.5mm, but it has to be very thin where it goes into the module to come in contact with the screws. Im also leaning towards a stopped up exhaust. Have a shop or someone handy perform a back pressure test. You shouldnt have more than 1 1/4 psi of back pressure. I just dealt with this same issue at work this week. The car I was working on had 2 1/2 psi and when I banged on the rear catalytic converter, it was all broken up inside. Probably filled the resonator and muffler full. I'll know more once it comes back from the exhaust shop. It was very sluggish and didnt have any power to pull itself up a small hill. I have seen this many times before.
Good Luck,
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I'd suggest pulling codes before beginning any work
That vintage EEC-IV computer can store many trouble codes without lighting up the Check Engine Light

Also, when that notorious TFI (ignition module) goes, it usually goes
The engine doesn't start again, it's not and intermittent or "over 50mph" kinda thing
They are notorious (the one on your car), but not my suggestion for first thing to look at in your case
And I would not replace it w/o testing it

Right now there's nothing even pointing in that direction

Def check out the exhaust

Before doing anything to the engine, pulling the codes is the first step
For good DIY directions:
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I agree with slickshift. Bad ignition module usually = no start at all. Also, if this is the 2.3 HSC engine they are notorious for developing a crack in the head around the valve area. If this is the case, you might be in a tight spot as this also means finding a good rebuildable head is like finding the needle in the haystack. Hopefully this is not the case.

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