1997 Ford Taurus motor mount/brake problem


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1997 Ford Taurus motor mount/brake problem

Hello all,

I have a 1997 Ford Taurus which has had a brake problem for the past 9 months. It started with the vehicle shaking when the brakes were applied and the mechanic found the cause was warped rotors. They machined the rotors, replaced the brake pads, flushed the brake fluid and cleaned and adjusted the rear brakes (this was back in June of 2005). 6 months after they did this, the vehicle started to shake again, although to a lesser extent. When I took it in, they said the rotors were warped again. They said the reason they were warped so quickly was that they machined the rotors just to minimum thickness and they did not dissipate heat as well because they did not have as much metal on them. So today they replaced the rotors completely and once again cleaned and adjusted the rear brakes. For now, the brakes seem to be ok.

However, immediately after the repairs from the first time (in June of 2005), I noticed a clunking sound underneath car. It sounded like it was coming from the axle. I noticed the clunking the same day after they fixed it and never before. I know I should have brought it to their attention at that time but I didn't say anything until I took it in the second time. And, even after they replaced the rotors the sound was still there. I took a drive with one of the mechanics and they heard it. They found the car has a broken motor mount. They said that could be causing the problem but they won't know for sure until they fix it and see how everything is working when it is fixed.

My question is could they have broken the motor mount when machining the rotors, replacing the brake pads, or flushing the brake fluid? Also, is there a danger if I do not get the motor mount replaced? I plan to have the car for 2 or 3 more years (if it lasts that long) and do not want to spend anymore money on it. Please advise. Thanks.
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They would have had to try awfully hard to mess with the motor mount on a brake job - they aren't connected. You need to replace the motor mount, it's part of what keeps the motor in place, especially under acceleration.
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the motor mount is unrelated to the rotors. i have had 3 tauruses and the motor mount seems to be a common problem with them. i now have a 2000 taurus that had similar rotor issues. i consulted 4 different mechanics and they all said that rotors on these cars, and most newer cars, start out too thin to machine and are commonly replaced.
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As I recall tookding is right, the Taurus's/Sables were prone to motor mount failures. [tookding, THREE Taurus's???]

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