timing belt


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timing belt

I have a '92 Plymouth Voyager 3.0 liter. I'm in the process of replacing the timing belt which broke while I was driving . My Haynes manual covers how to replace the timing belt and how to put #1 piston at TDC but nothing on how to recover the timing sequence after a belt is broken.

I can align the timing mark on the crankshaft sprocket with the mark on the oil pump but I don't Know if the #1 cylinder is TDC because the front cam is not in seqence to align the distrbutor rotor to #1 cylinder. Could I use a compression gauge to find TDC?

Also, when the front camshaft spocket timing mark is lined up with the mark on the timing belt cover the distributor rotor is not lined up with #1 cylinder.

When I turn the camshaft spockets they will turn smoothly then suddenly flop ahead to the same 3 positions all the time . I assume they are coming down off the cams when they do this.The disstributor rotor also seeks the same three positions all the time. At no time does the camshaft sprocket timing marks line up at the same time as the rotor points at #1 cylinder.

I hope someone can try to explain how to get the engine back in time .

Thanks - Gerald
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The first thing you need to do is rotate the crankshaft until it is at top dead center. Use a screwdriver in the number 1 cylinder, where the spark plug goes to determine TDC. As you rotate the cranshaft watch the screwdriver and see that it moves out of the cylinder. When it stops moving out then you are at TDC. Look at the crankshaft sprocket, and fine tune TDC by aligning your marks. It should not be off very much at this point. Now align your cams. Rotate the cams slowly so that they dont flop over. Put the belt on the crankshaft first and start it around the pulleys to your right first(standing in front of the engine looking down at the belt) keeping the belt snug on the pulleys continue around to all other pulleys on the left (firewall side). Once you have the belt on everything, release the pin from the tensioner and rotate the engine 2 full turns at the crankshaft. Dont turn the engine by the cams. If you have done all of this correctly all of the timing marks will still be aligned and the distributor will be pointing at #1 on the cap.
Hope this helps ya,
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A little variation Sirs.........I'd check to be sure the crankis close but NOT on TDC. I wouldn't want ANY piston being at the top when I went to move the cams.........Not sure if a 3.0 is a valve bender or not. Most Mitsubishi engines are.......but we can hope. I'd get the cams set up first THEN bring that #1 piston up........Actually, if you have the covers off and all's exposed, you have the timing marks in front of you..........and that should be all you need.
Water pump (Make sure you give that "O" ring a healthy dose of Silicone seal to A) make it slide together easier, and B) to prevent coolant leaks) timing belt tensioner ans away you go!!!

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