2004 chrysler sebring

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Question 2004 chrysler sebring

I'am having a problem with my vehicle when i turn off my car a sound like a fan kicks on for a couple of minutes then shut's off it's not the cooling fan because the noise is coming from the top of the engine,it seems like only when i have the heater on then buy morning time the car battery is dead,i took it to the dealership and they cant find the problem i took the vehicle several times they cant figure it out. does anybody have a clue
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The only other fan that I know of would be the blower for your heater. The next time it does this disconnect the negative battery cable and use a voltmeter to check voltage between the - battery cable and the - post on the battery. Have someone start pulling fuses until the voltage goes away or drops significantly and you've found your problem. Now remember there should be a small amount of voltage present because of things like the memory for your radio. Hope this helps.
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I'd pop open the hood and make sure that the cooling fan isn't turning on (if you haven't done this already). The other fan is a possibility but highly unlikely; you would be able to feel the air coming out of the vents in the car if this is happening; do you?

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