1991 Chevrolet Caprice (Newer style)


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Question 1991 Chevrolet Caprice (Newer style)

Hi there. I own a 91 Caprice with the 305 (5 liter) V8 - How hard would it be to replace the washer fluid pump and the jets on the wipers (Specifically, the passenger side hose snapped at the arm), and is it expensive? I live near the NY border where they use ALOT of sand and salt - And I have to put the passenger window down to spray the windshield. Also, what would make the driver's side power window work intermittently (Have to help it down and up, if it wants to work to begin with)? Sometimes you have to let it sit for a few minutes and try again - Could that window be off track, or possibly caught on the rubber? Also, how hard is it to replace a wheel cylinder (I have no rear brakes, and the ABS light is always on)? And lastly, what would cause the motor to tick when it first starts for about 20 minutes until it warms up? I just got the car, it was given to me - And I really like it - Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!


I almost forgot, the car has 168,501 miles on it (I assume it's correct), with a new oil change, FRONT brakes and rotors, battery, and radiator.....

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washer mtr is easy to replace all you have to do is remove the washer bottle and pull out the old one from the rubber gromet.
The squirtties are even easier. Pull them apart no brain surgery on this one.
Wheel cyl's can get tricky due to having to take the rear brakes of to replace the cyl. and you will have to bleed the brakes afterwards.

Good luck.
let us know if u get stuck were here to help
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The Chevy

Thanks for the insight - I found out that neither part is really expensive, And I can definately do the washer pump ($20, used) this week (Not because of money, but weather) - Sounds like I should just leave the cylinder ($35) to the pros that did the front brakes (And I stress pros, since I paid over $200 for them).....Looks like I have a few projects this weekend!

I just hope this car isn't really a money pit, I'd hate to have to hurt someone.....

Thanks once again,

I suppose I can get a new thermostat too, since it's a cooler running one (Something like 180 degrees - The temp gauge barely goes over the 1/4 mark at the hottest).....Kills my heater power, and I imagine it can't be good for the motor and anything else, like my oil and anti-freeze.....grrrrr
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Where did you buy those washer pump and cylinder? Iím looking for them and this Chevy Window Motor - http://www.car-stuff.com/chevroletwindowmotor.htm - with a good quality. The price doesnít matter to me. I want it to be of high quality. Iím looking forward to have them this week.
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Arrow Pump, and Cylinder

The washer pump is from a junkyard.....The Cylinder can be bought at Auto Zone for that price, at least according to the people that did my brakes. The window motor I'm really not sure about - It's a pain to manually help it up and down, but not enough for me to tear my door apart (I'll wait on that until I can get the whole panel replaced; it's cracked.....

After calling the store again, prices have changed (At least, around here)

Washer Pump (Front) $16.99
Wheel Cylinder $10.99
Window Motor (Mine, front driver's side) $61.99, remanufactured is $57.99 (Last one has a core charge, the new one doesn't)
Driver's Side window control (Master switch) $59.99

Apparently, it's not as much as I thought.....Too bad they can't get me a new panel, I'd be in heaven


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