1997 Dodge Intrepid Keyless Entry


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1997 Dodge Intrepid Keyless Entry

I bought the car with keyless entry installed and I've broke the remote and my question is,Where do I find the main part to get the number to call for a replacement?
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One more question.When I turn my key my car makes a click noise and doest'nt start,so I have to keep turning the key before it cranks up,but this only happens after its parked for a hour or so.Someone told me it could be a sercurity device.If so can it be disabled and how?
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Keyless Remote Vendor

Below is a link to the outfit I use to buy replacement keyless remotes. Have purchased 3 from them - so far so good. They come with programming instructions also.

Home page is www.keylessride.com

THe nos crank problem you list could be several things. If vehicle is equipped with a security system, start there - loose/poor battery connections, starter solenoid going bad, ignition switch failing...

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Thanks for the help but if its a security system how do I find it and disable it if thats possible?
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Start with the battery terminals. Make sure they are clean and tight on both ends. Best way is to clean the terminals at the battery of all corrosion, and while they are disconnected, remove and clean the other end of the cables with steel wool or sand paper. Make them shine before reconnecting and tightening them.
That may cure your problem. If a security system disabled the starter, it would stay disabled - no click or crank.
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Thanks I will be doing it soon

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