92 Dodge Grand Caravan A/C Question


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92 Dodge Grand Caravan A/C Question

Last summer i had a few problems where my A/C had a slow leak. So they put dye in and still couldn't find leak. Then they used a sniffer and concluded that the leak is at the schrader valve on the low pressure side i believe. After that no more problems for the rest of the warm weather season. Today i decided to turn on A/C because it was the warmest day we had which was about 47 degrees and i put thermother in vent and the coldest the temperature got was about 58 degrees is this normal or was it just to cold outside for the compressor to engage? Do i need to wait for a warmer day with more humidity to test it. the reason why i am worried is that for some reason i am not convinced that was the leak. Also about 3 years ago system was retrofitted from r12 to r134a with original compressor is this something i should worry about?
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Old caravan?????....99 44/100% probability of forward evaporator core........Gawd I've done a hundred of em........Was a BIG problem throughout the Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep line back then............Have your mechanic sniff the drain hole in the front of the firewall.........Often they leak SO BAD you can literally smell the 134A (very distinct odor) in the passenger compartment without diagnostic tools

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