1990 Lincoln Mark VII


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Red face 1990 Lincoln Mark VII

My daughter bought a 1990 Lincoln Mark VII. The guy she bought it off of said the air bags would need replaced. They checked the price on them and that guy told her she would be better of changing them to struts and shocks, so I am the one that does the car repairs at the house. So I need a diagram on how to take the air bags off and put the shocks on. Is there any way you could help me? Thank You. Karen (rasha username)
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Though I have not worked on a vehicle with air bag suspension, a few issues would come to mind:

1. No mounting brackets for shocks/struts

2. No spring mounts

You will probably have to make or purchase this stuff if available.

Would removing air bags and adding spring and struts adversely effect handling?
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There are aftermarket kits to do the task. I've never done the job myself, but I always assumed the kits would contain all necessary hardware. Most people opt to convert instead spending the big bucks on a system that will sooner or later fail again.

Air bag suspension was not one of Ford's better ideas (you should try towing a car with all four bags flat & won't pump up).
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Go to your local parts store theyt should have replacement struts and springs that would fit, if not I have done many years of suspension and we always took out the old struts and replaced them with a strut that was compatible, cut them open and put bilstien inserts with steam pipe threaded ends welded on to the strut housings with coils using the original top blocks.
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Okay, Karen has some kind of weird psychic powers. I haven't had to tow one of those airbag-lowriders in a couple of years. She posts a question yesterday about a car with dead airbags and today I get to drag a Mk VIII about 30 miles with dead air bags. Spooky.
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about 2 or 3 months ago, I installed a kit an a Mark VIII. it came with all needed parts and thorough instructions. the boss found the kit online.
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Go to www.strutmasters.com for all the info you need.

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