93 grand am ABS/electrical/blower motor problems


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Cool 93 grand am ABS/electrical/blower motor problems

The ABS on my car started kicking on occasionally when it shouldn’t. It will kick on for just a second when I am breaking. When it happens, the speedometer is usually at about 20-22 mph, but it happens anywhere between about 10-35 mph. It does not do this all the time, maybe about 1 in 5 stoplights. It is just for a very short time, probably less than a second, I usually cannot feel it in the petal but I can hear it cycling. I am not breaking hard, I know the tires are not slipping, its usually dry pavement, so the abs shouldn’t kick in unless I slam on my brakes, but for some reason it is.

Then a few days later, my blower motor (for heat or AC) was not working. I got the blower motor working by cleaning the connections to it. They were corroded inside. There is three knobs on the dash for climate control, on is fan speed, another is temperature, and the last one is for ac and vent options (off, max, ac, lower vents, upper vents, combo, etc, and defrost), now the ac compressor clutch shouldn’t be engaged unless it is set on max or AC, however, when I turn the third dial, and the heat should be on certain vents, my AC Clutch engages.

Now I’m not sure if these are connected but it seemed suspicious that they occurred in such a close timeframe. When checking the fuses, one of the fuses that the abs is listed under is the heater/AC fuse. Coincidence?

Related Fuses:

STOP HAZ 20amp – Turn/Hazard/Stop Lights, ABS, brake transaxle shift interlock(BTSI)

GAUGES 10amp – chime, gauges, ABS, BTSI

HTR-A/C 25amp – Heater, Air Conditioning, ABS

1993 Grand Am SE 2.3L, auto, pw/pl 33,000 original miles, is kept outside, and driven in Michigan winters (sees salt), no accidents or flooding or anything that would cause any weird problems.

Thanks for reading; I think I included all needed info, anything else, just post what.

Any information about what is going on and how to try and diagnose and fix it would be very much appreciated.
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on the defrost settings the ac comp. is suppose to come on for a short time.
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all modern cars(mid 80's on) the ac comes on when set to defrost so to put dry air on the windscreen (shield, glass) rather than damp air that would do nothing. check your tire sizes to make sure that is not affecting your a.b.s since a.b.s works off of the indiviual wheels speed and decelleration.
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thanks for the replys, yes, I have heard that about the defrost before, but the compressor clutch is engaging when the defrost is not selected, it is on some of the vent settings. The tires are properly inflated, and are the same size as the originals. They are all the same, and have been on the car for years without any problems. the front ones are worn a bit more than the back ones, but I don't think that would be enough to cause problems.
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I believe the compressor on those are an H6 style, which means that the clutch will not cycle on/off as that is done internally.
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I replaced the compressor a year or two ago, and it is a harrison 5 if i recall correctly. You can tell when the compressor is cycling because you can see the outside of the pully start spinning.

The abs problem is my main concern right now, How would i figure out what is causing it to cycle? none of the trouble lights are on so i doubt there are any codes. Could a wheel speed sensor be doing this? If one went bad wouldn't it throw a code?

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