rear brakes 2005 hyundai accent

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rear brakes 2005 hyundai accent

I went to check my rear brakes and noticed that there was a phillips head screw holding the drum in place. I was unable to remove the screw. Is the screw really holding the drum in place? If it is, any suggestions on how to get it off ? thanks. This is the first time the brakes are being checked. also for future repairs do I need to put the screw back. does it really do anything?
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I don't know a place to put a retainer like that. Usually a manufacturer will put a little clip over the wheel stud to hold the drum in place during transport and assembly of the components.

A common problem with removing drums is the brake shoes dragging on the drum and preventing removal. For that you need to look on the back of the brake for a little rubber plug to access the adjuster. Back off the adjuster and the drums will come off.

Another problem area is the center pilot of the drum getting rusted to the male pilot on the hub. For that you have to clean off the rust and lube it with penetrating oil.

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My bet is

The little screw does not hold on the drum it is there just to keep threads clean. When screw is removed you install bolts and push drum off using two bolts.
There should be two screws across from each other.

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