2000 Altima, Wierd Knocking. Suspension?


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2000 Altima, Wierd Knocking. Suspension?

Ok here's one for you.

I have a 2000 Altima. I have this weird knocking noise that happens when I get up to speeds over 20 or so. The rate of the knocking increases to about 3-5 knocks per second when I get up to highway speeds and sort of resonates. It'll get loud and more pronounced for about 5 seconds, then fade for about 5 seconds.

You can feel the knocking in the gas peddals and steering wheel.

There's no vibration like a wheel out of balance. Just a knocking.

Applying the brakes doesn't change anything. Turning doesn't do anything. I tried putting it nuetral and reving the engine. Doesn't change anything. I just had alignment checked and replaced front tires. Didn't increase or decrease the knocking.

Any thoughts on what it might be?
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CV Joints. Most of the time they will act up when turning, but the loose ones will do as you've described.

Although 3 to 5 beats per second would be a little frequent for a CV joint.

Hope this helps,


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