Transporting And Rebuilding a 454.


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Transporting And Rebuilding a 454.

I need to transport a mid 80's chevy 454 without the tranny. Came from a motorhome and has about 40-60k miles. only maybe 1k miles since rebuild.

Now the logical way to move the thing would probably be by rented u-haul trailer since I have no pickup access.

I have two questions. First, if I go with the rented trailer approach, would strapped to a pallet be a good way to secure it? If not, then how? I have never done this before.

And second.... this may sound idiotic, but my better half wondered if it would fit in the back of her Lincoln Navigator. I said the thing probably weighs 700-800 lbs and might crush her floor/cargo area. Maybe not if set on a small pallet and strapped to it.

What is the best transporting method?

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Go with your first option. Get a pallet with some 2x4 blocks underneither the motor and strap it down.

Do not throw it in the back of the Lincoln. This would become a 500 lb missile if any sudden stops. Not to mention the damage it would cause to the vehicle.
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Thanks! I am going with the uhaul method and engine hoist from united rentals. 21 for the trailer and 26 for the hoist. Could be worse.
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Transporting 454

Did you consider a rental van? Plus set the engine on a old used spare tire, without the rim so it doesn't roll, then set that on a pallet and chain the engine down to the pallet. You could rent the cherry-picker or engine lift to set the motor in the van from a rental store. If not at least unbolt the heads or completely disassemble the engine. You will just need new gaskets, not expensive for a gasket kit!
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I knew a guy once who bored out a 454 to the hilt (they can be bored out a lot) and put it in a Chevette! A rocket on wheels.
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How far do you have to move it? I've transported engines and other small stuff by hooking it on my boom and securing it with a couple of straps. Regular tow rate $45 up to 5 mi.
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you gotta love those big block chevys. like tow guy said it might be easy to hire a tow guy. no lifting that way.
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I like the tow service idea. But if you go with the pallet, it is best not to rest the engine on the oil pan. Block it up so it rests on another part of the engine (motor mounts?).

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