89 Olds Radiator Cooloing Fan Inoperative


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89 Olds Radiator Cooloing Fan Inoperative

Good Morning,

A couple months ago the tranny went and at the same instant the check engine light came on. I had the tranny rebuilt and the shop told me the error code(41) was for the cam sensor so I replaced it. I now get an error code 14 which tells me that the coolant sensor or circuit is "high" and the cooling fan will not come on. It (the cooling fan) does operate when I jumper the ALDL. I have replaced the coolant temp sensor and have also had the relays checked and they are fine. I still get error code 14. Any guidance would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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Are you sure it's a 14 and not a 41????...........9 times out of ten, the 41 isn't set BY the cam sensor going bad........It's set by the magnet falling off the cam gear...........Which requires a teardown of the front of the engine and a timing chain replacement
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Yes, I'm sure it is 14. When I jumper the ALDL, it flashes once then twice(12)
then once then four times. The car runs fine otherwise and as far as I can tell there is no timing issue.

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