1995 mercury cougar v8


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1995 mercury cougar v8

I have a cougar which runs great,but I have to add at least a quart of oil every week. the car does not smoke and there is nothing leaking under the car...Any one have any ideas where it is going...I suspect either worn rings or valve guides....but is there an engine additive that will fix it or maybe it's something else..Any help appreciated...the odometer isn'nt working but it has about 100k on it.
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Do you smell any burnt oil? It may be leaking onto your exhaust and burning.

Also, check your antifreeze, does it have a mud color?

Your valve rings may be going like you said. They make some ring sealer additive but most of the time the rings are too far worn.
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My buddy has a shop, he was changing the oil for a lady with a town car and it was using about a quart between changes. They had been using an off brand of oil, they started putting motorcraft in it and it quit using any oil.
Maybe one in a thousand that did it for that car but a change in weight or brand may be worth a try.

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