'67 Karmann Ghia


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'67 Karmann Ghia

So I have inherited an old '67 ghia from my dad. The only stipulation being is that I can't sell it, he's had it since 1970. He's kept it in the garage for years and it's in pretty bad condition. A few years back he put some money into it and got it running, but it has sat since then. The intererior coverings, floorboards dash, windshield, etc. all need to be replaced. I've never been one to pay someone to do stuff like that, but is it that hard to do yourself? I've always been more of a painter/stain etc, but I have always wanted to get into mechanics, only thing is, this isn't much mechanics. Anyone have any experience with this? The other downside is shipping it across the country, I'm stationed at travis afb, ca and he's is florida. That's not going to be cheap either. I might be able to post some pics if that would help.
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take a look here:

most things like floorboards,dash,seat covers can all be bought and replaced fairly easy. get a good manual to help you out.
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join a fourm

There are dozens of V dub fourms on the net kinda like this join one for more info. there are V dub clubs across the country that will help you as ther goal is to help preserve vintage Dubs like what you have.
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You also need a plan
It can be overwhelming to look at the project in it's entirety and thus get disheartened

Break it down into bit sized chunks, smaller easily digestible projects that need to be done

That way you can see what needs work, and what doesn't, and what needs work now, and what can wait

I'd suggest a book or two on restoring cars, that can put some perspective on it
Not a manual, but a "How to Restore a Classic/Vintage Car"
I wouldn't be surprised if you could find one specifically for vintage VWs

You may (or may not) need specific books like wiring or bodywork
But that'll be later or as needed

Cool car

Post some Pics!

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