Squealing - Would this be the brakes?

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Squealing - Would this be the brakes?

I have a 1990 Chev Corsica. As of about a week ago, the brakes totally starting squealling (but feel totally fine).

The strange part is that the squealing noise also happens intermittently just while I'm driving (i.e. often turning a corner) even when I 'don't' have the brakes applied.

Could this problem be the brakes.......even though the squealing noise often happens even when I'm not using the brakes?

I'm debating whether or not to fix the problem, or just buy a different car. I've spent $800 or so in the last six months on the Corsica and honestly, the car's just not worth it.

I guess I hold onto it because I fear that buying another used vehicle could bring me even more problems than I presently have...

Any advice?
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Sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard? If you can't remember how long since the front pads have been replaced, that's likely your problem. The squeeling is the wear tabs rubbing on the rotors. Assuming the rotors have no damage, simple replacement of ther pads is not overly expensive.
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Like Tow Guy said, shrill sound when driving and disappears when you step on the brakes = warning indicators telling you to replace pads now, before they chew up the rotors and turn into an expensive job.
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Thank you for replying. I hope to get it looked at tomorrow.

Something I'm wondering.......If they say I need more done than just the pads (i.e. rotors, etc.), can I still just get only the pads replaced? Would that be at least better than getting nothing done?

The reason I'm asking is because I'm hoping to spend as little as possible on this old heap of a car...... Eventually I will buy something else, but for now, it's sounding like I'll have something done to the brakes.

Thanks again.
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Talking Brake Pads squealing

Most likely it is the warning tabs on the front brake pads that are rubbing against the rotor, warning the driver that the surface of the pads are getting thin. Most repair shops will recommend that you replace the pads along with machining (turning) the rotors to insure a smooth fit between the new pads and the rotors. Although this should be done, in your case if you want to save money, then inspect the rotors and if there are not any obvoius grooves worn into the rotors then eventually a new set of pads will wear themselves into the rotors over time making a suitable fit. The new pads might have a hard brake pedal feel to it at first but that is because you chose not to machine the rotors. If the rotors are fine, with no extensive damage or uneven grooves worn into them and there seems to be enough material remaining on the pads and you really want to save more money and you plan on repairing it soon but just don't want to right now, you could pry the warning tabs away from the rotors as to make them stop squealing, although you probably will not know when damage is going to incur into the rotors in the future.

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