Accidentally added oil&gas mix to my car's gas tank

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Question Accidentally added oil&gas mix to my car's gas tank

Hello Everyone,

I accidentally added an oil & gas mix to my car's tank. The mixture was 50:1 - about 1 gallon of gas and 2.6 fl oz of universal 2-stroke engine oil, synthetic blend with fuel stabilizer (I had it mixed alredy for using it with a leaf blower).

The car had a half-full tank (about 20 gallons), therefore my expectation is that I have a 1000:1 gas to oil ratio currently in my tank.

Does anyone has any advice on whether this can cause damage to my car's engine? I didn't drive the car since this happened and would like to know whether it is safe to drive it or I have to flush all the gas before drivving it?

Any qualified advice is highly appreciated! Feel free to contact me directly at

Thank you!

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Though your car may run with this mixture, it will probably smoke alot.

You can purchase a syphin type hose form Autozone real cheap. It's basically a turkey baster with a long hose. Put this hose in the tank and suck it out.
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dont worry

I would not worry about it your car will run and probbably wont even smoke with such a dilluted mix. drive your car and and when you get to were you can fill it up do so.
I ran a truck on this mix many years ago when all I had was gas for my dirt bike and I was out in the middle of nowere it worked fine. Just go fill it up and dillute it even more.
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Just out of curiosity, does your car have a 40 gallon gas tank ? is it a car or an suv ? my wife drives a 'oo suburban and it has a 39 gallon tank, older suburbans have the 45 gall. tank but i've never seen this in a car.
Anyways try to dilute it even more if you can, fill it up as you go.
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nothing to worry about i do it every spring to get rid of snowblower gas. its such a small amount of oil mixed with many gallons of gas.
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so if you fill the tank you have a 2000:1 ratio. Don;t see a problem with it.
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I do the same as E150CLUB every fall. Add all my mixed fuel for 2cycle equipment in my F150 pickup. It doesn't smoke or cause any problem. Just about the same as adding a upper cylinder lub product to your gas. Don't worry about it!
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This will not cause any problems whatsoever... It is no different than adding 'Marvel Mystery "oil to your tank ..

Dont give it another thought....
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If it makes you feel better go add some injector cleaner to the tank but you should be OK no matter what.
Like the other reply said it's a good way to get rid of his snow blower fuel by dumping it in his tank.
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Thanks Everyone!


Thank you for your input. The car ran fine this morning and the first stop was the gas station for a full refill.

I appreciate everyone's thoughts!

Take care,
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Cool, I got a funny one for y'all. Years ago I worked at a gas station that had kero, diesel, and gas. A Toyota pickup pulled up to the kero pump, put in 3 gallons, then went to the diesel pump and put in a couple gallons and then went to the gas and filled up with regular ( about 7 gallons). The guy was paying for it all when I was punching out the timeclock for the day. Unfortunately I didn't think of staying long enough to see him start his truck. I have always wondered how it would run on that mix.

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