2003 Mitsubishi Galant Q:


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Cool 2003 Mitsubishi Galant Q:

My Galant has 125k miles on it. I keep up on the maintenance and do everything that I can myself. However, my heater no longer works. I have no coolant leaks anywhere. The temperature gauge stays in the middle. The blower works fine. There are no coolant leaks under the heater core.

I do not feel like taking the dash apart, disconnecting the airbags, bleeding the A/C, etc,. Anybody got ideas?

Also I am contemplating replacing the timing belt (I guess I will do the water pump too while I am there). The car has been pretty much low maintenance, however I am overdue for a timing belt replacement.
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I ordered the timing belt(s), accessory belts, and water pump. Anyone have any solid ideas on the lack of heat issue? BTW- sometimes I get heat. I have not figured out the rhyme or reason yet though...

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