Annoying alarm


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Annoying alarm

Just picked up a really nice 2000 Grand Prix GTP for my son to drive. It is a very nice car with many options. The one he likes the best is the HUD.

The car also has a factory alarm that blows the horn and flashes the lights when it goes off. Problem is it is going off at random times during the day, and in the middle of the night. I think my neighbors are secretly meeting to string me up over this car. We tried reducing the sensitivity like it said in the book, but it didn't help any at all. I did finally disable the alarm as illustrated in the owners manual, but I would like to be able to use it.

I'm thinking it maybe a sensor going bad, but I have no idea where to look or even if it is possible to get to them.

Anybody know anything about these alarms?

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I am not sure if this would work, but you may be able to pull the fuse for it when you don't want to use it and reinsert it when you do.
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Thanks, but that wouldn't work. I would want to use it whenever the car is parked for any length of time and it would probably be going off during that time and annoying everybody around it. Guess I'll just leave it disabled.
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It will probably be cheaper and less of a headache if you just get a new aftermarket alarm. They are around $100.
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I wonder if it has the tamper sensors in the door key cylinders?
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I am wondering if it is remote related. My car acts similar if I lock the doors with the remote. If i lock it from the push button inside the car on the drivers door instead it does not go off. I just leave the remote in a drawer at home and use the door lock and key to open it. Of course mine does not have any motion sensors just goes off if someone tries to enter with the wrong key.
I even had it go off if I used the correct key to unlock if it was locked with the remote! Just a thought.

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