Handicapped Van Hydraulics


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Handicapped Van Hydraulics

My neighbor has just asked me for help fixing the hydraulic lift on their handicapped van. I took a quick look and the lift will go up/down fine with no load. With a about a 150 pound load the lift stops. The pump motor continues to run. It sounds like a pressure releif valve is opening or they cylinder may have a bad internal leak.

I will be taking a more serious look at it this coming weekend. Does anyone have a word of advice?
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feel piston

If you can while it is stalled feel the piston you will feel it bypassing or it might be hot or both. This works pretty good in aircraft hydraulic system trouble shooting. Also listen to the part can you hear maybe a hiss?
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Are you SURE it's a hydraulic system and not electrical?
Is there a separate pump, reserve tank? etc.
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It's electro hydraulic. There is a small 12volt hydraulic power pack, hydraulic hoses, and a hydraulic cylinder. Judging by the way it operates it seems as though there is a check valve and a solenoid to release the oil. The powerpack provides pressurized oil to raise the lift. When the motor stops the platform stays in position. You then depress another button and the platform lowers (without the powerpack running). I assume that the lowering is via a solenoid that realeases oil through a small orfice to control it's down speed.

michael van: Thanks for the advice. I'll give it a try this weekend.

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