Next step on van repair


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Next step on van repair

I have acquired a 1997 Plymouth grand voyager 3.3L from an impound lot for $400, with the intention of making whatever repairs required and reselling it.

Body is in great shape, no rust, interior has no blemishes. When I looked it over, engine looked clean, all fluids were proper levels and clean. I was betting on a tranny problem. Oh, no keys or batt. in it at the time. Getting it home upon further inspection, it looks like it threw a rod? Golf ball size hole in the side of the engine block. It is not seized up. I haven't torn it further apart yet, but am contemplating my next step and if it would be worthwhile. Electronics all look good, and it has 150k mi on it. I am not a professional mechanic, but have rebuilt a few engines before. My questions would be if I were thinking I could get $3000 for it if it were running, if it would be worth tackling. I know it would take me a while Would it be advisable to get a used assembled block, and replace it with that? Just for kicks I looked at Jasper, and they have a "new" one for $1500. Any opinions?
Just seems a waste to salvage, and I probably wouldn't get much for it at a junkyard. I know, you win some and lose some in things like this, but that's the way it goes.
Would be happy to hear any thoughts or opinions....

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Smile Jasper

Why a Jasper? Why not rebuild it yourself and call it a Joe Cool engine. Calling it anything is like buying a DELL, with Intell,NVidia,Seagate,Liteon,Creative,Logitech,Award,etc, parts in it. Dell only puts them together. Find a engine in a junk yard and buy a engine stand and rebuild it.
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I hear your Dell comparison and agree. But I was wondering more about the financial side of things. What would it run to get an engine from a junk yard. And also, how would you know you wouldn't get more "problem" parts? And could you get the block and heads only, or what? Just wondering what is the norm or best way if there is one.
And the jasper...I was just trying to gather some data to help me decide which way I should go.
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Cool Engine

Usually junk yards do give you a 30 day warranty. I would imagine that a engine from a junk yard might cost between anywhere from $100 to $300. I guess it matters where you live and if you choose whether or not to remove the engine yourself. Did you try finding a similar vehicle with that engine already in it and buying it for parts?
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Bottom line is what is it worth to you. The only way I see you getting $3000 for a 10 year old Voyager, is if you trade it for a brand new car. Since it came from the impound lot with a blown engine, I would concerned about all other components. Obviously the previous owner ran it into the ground and dumped it. You say that you have rebuilt a few engines in the past. Were any of them front wheel drive?
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No I haven't started looking around yet. I know some salvage yards around here pull the engines, etc.., and have them setting in a warehouse ready to sell. I should call around next week and see what kind of pricing I can get.

I know I will never know the story behind how it came to be, But looking at it, you would think it was taken really good care of. Even the average things like brake pedal wear, drivers seat, belts, hoses, etc... show very little wear. Almost like it came off of a lot. Thats why when I first looked at it, I was guessing a tranny problem due to the rep on those. Most vehicles in a city impound lot are lived in, wrecked, and TRASHED.

I have done a couple older v8's and a 4cyl. that was years ago and for some reason I want to say it wasn't fwd.

I intended to sell it myself, but now am hesitating. Whether all that work would be worth it. I wonder what I would get from a salvage yard for it?

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