Door Lock Busted into - What Now?


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Door Lock Busted into - What Now?

Hello all.

Well it's happened. Someone broke into my car and busted the driver side door lock. Thing is the latch on the inside was already slightly busted on its own soooo, somehow I'm thankful that i waited before getting it fixed.

Question is this:

How is this done? and how much of a hassle would any repair shop have in taking care of this? I mean, right now I've got just as everyone else does, the same lock on all doors. (it's a 1995 Suzuki Sidekick with 3 locks. One on both sides in the front and the rear door). So how's this done? Or is not uncommon for a person to have more than one key for the same car because of this sort of problem?

IMPORTANT NOTE: The cylinder is still there and it DOES work. What they did was chisel (maybe with a screwdriver and hammer?) around the cylinder itself and pulled it out I guess to get to the mechanism itself?

Also, any idea how much this might run me?

Thanks in advance for any information, advice and such.

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Well you've got some choices to make......

First one, the damage that was done around the lock cylinder. You can remove the door panel and lock yourself and using a hammer, tools, and bondo if needed, repair this the best you can yourself OR take to a body shop and pay for them to fix it correctly.

Second, the lock cylinder. Since it is still working you should just be able to re-use it. If it is damaged then replace it, either go to a scrap yard and get a used one or a locksmith or dealer would have a new one. Depends how much you want to spend. If you buy a used or new one it can be rekeyed to match the existing keys OR leave it with a separate key. If you leave it on a separate key you can always exchange it with the passengers door lock as the drivers door is the one you use more often and makes it handier to have one key to use most often.

Third, the door latch. Again, can get used at junk yard or go to dealer and get new. Can be installed yourself or let a dealer or locksmith do it and pay for it.

Costs? Going to depend what area of the country you are, how much damage is done to the door, and how fussy about the vehicle you are.

Used lock cylinder at junk yard around here $5, new one $20 - $30, rekeying a cylinder $12. Labor to remove door panel $40 plus time to remove and install new parts.

Hope this helps a little.........
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Yup im3rd001,

that certainly helps. I'll be off this afternoon in search of a dealership.

So, thanks and very best regards.

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