car squealing


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car squealing

Okay, I own a 2003 Mazda Protege5, auto, 2L, 40K+ miles. It's been getting beat up lately. I park on street and the front bumper appears falling off (not exactly time for me to call Xzibit, but it appears the gap between it and the fenders is slightly opening though still less than half an inch). So when I'm driving at <25 MPH I hear a squealing as though there needs to be grease applied to an axle or something. When I apply the brakes, it goes away and reappears when I let off. It doesn't matter if I give it gas as long as it goes slow enough. I don't think anything is rubbing against the bumper. Could it be a bad rotor? Does there need to be lube appliedd anywhere?

Also, when I roll down the windows, the noise doesn't seem to be any louder. Maybe it's the differential (from way under the car?), but I have a front wheel drive thing only. I'm not sure I even have a differential. It's been rough going for my car lately, besides the bumper thing, it's got a cracked fog light, and I just noticed the button covering the bolt for the wind sheild wiper is gone (would someone have actually tried to steal my wind sheild wiper?). So frustrating!

Anyways, thoughts on the squealing noise? Thanks in advance!
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Talking squealing

Most likely if applying or releasing the brakes changes the sound of the squealing then the problem is most likely with the brakes. Check the warning tabs on the pads, they will scrape against the rotor when the material on the pads wear down. It's a warning sign that means you should replace the brake pads.
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The noise you describe is the classic sound of the brake pad warning indicators. They are telling you to replace the brake pads in the very near future, to keep the backing plates from scoring the rotors and increasing repair costs.
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Sounds good then. That's something I seem to do every year! I know how to change the pads VERY well. I suppose I'll change the rotors as well this go round too.

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