S10 Blazer break issues


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S10 Blazer break issues

I own a 1994 S10 Blazer. I change the break pads on the front (pads in back still looked good so I didnt bother with those) and I did it the way my dad had told me. I took the caliper off the rotor and used a C-clamp to gently squeeze the fluid back and open the caliper to allow room for the new pads.

Well this seemed to cause more issues. after completing the break change the break pedal was hard at first and then release and be soft as a sponge. was told the master cylinder was probably damaged by grit that I had pushed back into it from the calipers. so I replaced the master cylinder.

While changing the master cylinder I noticed that the vacuum booster had a crack in it so to the local salvage yard I went in search of a good one. That found I replaced both the vacuum booster and the master cylinder and reattached the break lines and bleed the breaks.

Now after all this work I now have a very spongy break pedal and it seems as though the breaks are working at maybe 30 - 45% stopping fast is out of the question even when "standing" on the break pedal.

I have bleed the breaks now 5 times and still no change. The one thing I have not done is had the system power bleed..

is this what I should do I am at a loss here

has anyone had any of the same issues with a break system and had any luck resolving it..

please any help here would be great as I cant drive the blazer till I get the breaks figured out..

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I'm assuming the replacement master cylinder was new; did you do a good bench-bleed on it before installation?
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well I thought I did.. I filled it with fluid and pumped the cylinder till the fluid was flowing through it... and yes the master cylinder was new..
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I almost always use a c-clamp and a block of wood to collapse the calipers and have never had any problems.

Can you pump up the pedal to get better braking?
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Do you notice any leaks? Is the fluid staying up? I think maybe you might have damaged a piston cup in the brake caliper. If you can pull the dust boot back and look for fluid.
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I agree with the above posters.

Did you remove the brake res. cap before pushing the piston back in? If not, this may have cause excess pressure to damage the caliper.
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yes I removed the cap from the master cylinder and I have looked for leaks there are none. the fluid level is the same it has not changed..
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I Just did the Same.

I just replaced the back brakes on my 98 and they haven't been the same either.There are two screws to remove the caliper and two to adjust the pads(i guess).But mine always lock close and drag when I release them.
Does your's have the same adjustment screws?I'm about ready to take mine in to the shop.
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I have only had this blazer for about 3 months and thankfully have not had to mess with the back breaks and when I inspected the pads I didnt notice any ajustment screws...
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Most vehicles have disc brakes on the front and drum brakes on the back. There are 2 bolts that hold the calipers in place and the pads aren't adjustable. Rear drum brakes have an adjuster that can be turned to tighten or loosen the brake shoe.

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