Problems on 2002 PASSAT turbocharger K3


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Problems on 2002 PASSAT turbocharger K3

The original turbo failed, and I replaced by newone, but the newone failed again, so I need to buy another turbo, but dealer turbo told me that I need to check me motor before to install de second turbo.

Any person know what I need to check on me motor before to Install the turbo??

The car is PASSAT 2002 1.8 Turbo.

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I do not have alot of experience with VW but how did the turbo fail? You can drain the oil and check for any metal shavings in it, if there are alot of shavings it could have damaged the bearings. You can also check to see if the oil supply lines to the turbo are clogged.
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Turbo Troubles

When a turbocharger goes out it can indicate oil flow problems within the engine causing low oil flow to the turbo.
If it has a dramatic failure where it scrapes the side the metal removed goes into the intake manifold often causing damage to the valves and maybe the pistons and cylinder walls.
If it just stops working due to being gummed up from lack of oil changes or the wrong oil there may be damage to the exhaust valves due to the blocked flow.
So the pertinent question is how did the turbos fail?
By the way, how many miles are on your passat.

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