noisy fuel pump?


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noisy fuel pump?

I just bought a '99 Dodge 3500 van. It seems like the fuel pump makes a lot of noise. When you turn the key on, you can hear it come on, but after you start the engine you can still hear it. I am assuming it is the fuel pump, the noise is coming from that area. Is this a normal noise for an uninsulated van?

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You should not really hear it over the radio or engine.

Does it make a clear whining noise when first turning the key?

If it makes any different noise, it's probably going south.

If no floor carpet, etc, you may hear it more then normal. The pump will send small vibrations through the tank and transfer that to the frame and cab.
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might be ok

I drove late model astro vans (company work trucks) it was bare bones like yours and I heard fuel pump whine all the time. Both vans did it.

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