Towing a car with Automatic Tranmission?


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Towing a car with Automatic Tranmission?

I have a 1988 Oldmobile 88 that won't start and I need to tow it about 2-3 miles. Will this damage the transmission?
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Towing can damage transmission with drive wheels on the road. Always use a dolly or place powered wheels on the towing platform (if the vehicle is front wheel drive - tow it from the front leaving rear wheels on the road.
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Short answer; probably not. Fords and GM's tolerate on-drive-wheel-towing fairly well although they have pretty strict restrictions on distance and speed, usually <35 mph and <50 miles; Chrysler products and most imports not so well. The older the car the more danger there might be because you already have a fair amount of wear & tear on tranny just from normal use, but if I got a call to tow your car two or three miles and for some reason it had to be towed from the rear [drive wheels on the ground], let's say because the rear tires were flat, I wouldn't think twice about it.

BUT, from a safety standpoint; use a proper dolly or trailer or call a tow truck [my first choice, of course ]. Much cheaper than the insurance claim when the tow-rope breaks, or the guy steering doesn't hit the brakes fast enough and rear-ends the tow vehicle.

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