Lincoln Mark 8 ..Valve Tapping sound or lifters or?


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Lincoln Mark 8 ..Valve Tapping sound or lifters or?

took my car to get a gastket changed around the oil filter housing.
The car overheats in the mechanics drivway. he adds over
heats across the street I drive it 8 miles and the noise is too bad. I
tow it back . the fan go's on he adds 3 gallons the car is fairly
two weeks later its low on coolant I add it overheats trying to get
the fan to go on so I can add more. finaly I tow it back he changes
the water temperature sensor and the fan go's on and it drinks up the
a week or so later Im noticieing waht sounds like 2 valves tapping
near the PCV which is disconected.
other mechanic says change oil Iput in mobil 1 15-50 problem goes away
for a while . I change the spark plugs and pull off the pcv hose cause
two spark plugs near where the pcv is are very oily thinking not
enough breathing stupid yes. tapping comes back bad I put the pcv hose
back on tapping is not too bad. Im hoping sludge is clogging up
lifters and valves , but I'm thinking much worse. Im gonna get some
mobil 1 high mileage car is supposed to take 5-20 but its
got 140k on it so anyway Im hoping the mobil one will unstick the
valves or lifters but wishful thinking I guess. I dont think I did a
pre oil change add oil flush can for 30 minutes. and wouldnt do it
ever. I might add a tiny bit of cd-2 detergent see how that goes.
The sound comes from the back left hood or LH towards the inside of the head almost around the manifold or middle area. I thnk thats the manifold.
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I find it hard to believe oil has anything to do with your issue.

This coolant is going somewhere. Look for leaks.

Inspect your oil, if the oil is milky colored, then you have a bad head gasket or warped pistons/cracked head.

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