Horizintal vibration when accelerating at time


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Horizintal vibration when accelerating at time

2000 VW Golf 1.8T 90K miles

Since it's gotten a bit colder I've noticed that at times when I press the gas there's a slight side to side vibration. The vibration gets more intense as the speed increases.

It's not unbearable but I don't take it past 60 since this is a car just to get to/fr the office.

I just had an oil change last month, the shop looked the car over, sold me new brake pads & tie rods but noticed nothing else.

Any ideas on what this could be, what to replace, and what could happen if I do nothing?


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Out of curiousity you said they changed tie rods...did they do a proper alignment? Some places don't they just average it from the old ones...you may want to have that done to save your tires from premature wear, and you may find the vibration gone.
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Smile Side to Side vibration

Check to see if you have a bent rim
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Loose whell/wheel bearings,motor mount,bad u-joint(s)
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Red face motor mounts and u joints

Motor mounts can be checked by lifting the hood and watching as you put your foot on brake and gas at the same time and floor the gas for a few seconds in forward and reverse and look to see if your engine lifts up too high. U Joints can be checked by driving 5 MPH in a big parking lot like superduperwalmart at nite and turning your steering wheel sharp left and right in forward and backwards gears and listening for knocking coming from U Joints or CV joints. I know they are different but a clang is not a knock
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Do the simple things fist
Rotate the tires move the front ones to the back, if the vibration dissapears then you have an issue with the tire and not the suspension.
If that does not work then you might need a front end alignment

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