Replace an in-tank fuel pump

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Replace an in-tank fuel pump

I have a 1988 S10 Blazer, with a full tank of gas :-( and the fuel pump, in the tank, has failed.

Scared to death at draining 30 gallons, and then dealing with the obvious safety hazards....

Its a 2.8L TBI 200 fi system, which is a rather low pressure system. The manual says 9-13PSI, so I am wondering if its possible to just install and in-line pump, external of the tank?

Since its an up-an-over-and-down feed to the inlet of an external pump, not sure if that can work, nor do I have any idea what might be a good pump to use, if its possible.

Anyone have an opinion on whether this will work? The tank level sending unit still functions, I just don't know if the in-tank pump will block the flow, or if it will allow an external pump to pull the gas through it.

Sure would be safer, and quicker, so if anyone knows, I am sure listening....

Thanks very much,

John in Utah
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Nissans have there fule pump in the tank as well. You can drain out 30 gallons which is difficult to find a container that big, or drive the car until you can remove that much gas or bring it to a shop and have them repalce the pump. If you want to tackel that your self read through a Haynes manaul to see how it is done.


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I'm not familiar with the blazer gas tank. If you can get to the pump without dropping the tank you should be able to replace the pump after removing only have of the fuel.

Do you have another vehicle that you can put the gas in?

I don't know if an external pump would work or not.
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As an avid DIYer, I've seen my fuel pump replaced when it failed while on a trip and am I ever glad that I didn't try to change it! I suggest you pay to have it done.
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I think the problem with an external, in line pump, is that the internal (bad) pump may well act like a closed valve and prevent the in line pump from drawing any fuel.
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This is one of those, "I'm fairly certain it can't be done, but don't ask me why not", kind of things.

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Cool Fuel pump

I have an idea...why don't you sell all the gas in your tank to a neighbor at half-price. Also, since I cant see your vehicle I did read an article once that someone actually used a hole saw and cut out the floor a huge hole where he could get to his fuel tank and pump. I would be carefull though and cautious about gas fumes and the sparks that the hole saw would make. Maybe instead a drill and then a hand saw.
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its not that hard of a job, syphon the gas into another vehicle and some containers, unhook your battery cables from battery, jack up the back end onto jackstands, and start taking things apart, wires, rubber hoses,

i had to change one on an k-car a couple of times, you have to move exhaust out of way and wiggle, wiggle,

you being from Utah, you shouldnt have to worry too much about rust, its really not that hard of a job but is a whole day job and if you want to go external, the price of a good fuel pump is outrageous, almost the same as getting the factory pump replaced..
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There are safety considerations with an add on fuel pump. Most factory pumps will not pump in the event of a rolover, or crash. With an after market pump you risk pumping fuel on a fire in the even of a collision.
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First I would check the fuel pump shutoff switch just to make sure the little woman did not bump into a curb or sumpin and shut power off to the unit. If you are 100% sure it is bad, simply have two five gallons fuel cans avaliable and go buy the little skinny siphoning hose with the hand pump and snake it into the tank thru the fill tube, start the flow with the hand pump into your first container and when full switch to the second and pour the fuel from the first container into your buddies truck (that is the reason he is helping you) once you have it drained remove the two tank straps and the filler neck and drop the tank down, remove the pump nut and pull out the assembly replace the pump and reverse order. Not really a big deal I have changed out chevy PU truck fuel pumps on the side of the interstate in a couple of hours. With a full tank it will probably take more time to drain the tank than to change the pump. A Haynes manual might be a big help for a first timer though and a helper to help handle the tank is a must. A 10lb ABC chemical fire extinguisher is a must have and extreme caution no smoking or open flames around the area. If you are unsure of your mechanical abilities you would be better off to leave this to the pros.
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A full gas tank is less likely to catch fire then a empty one. The empty tank has alot more fumes then a full tank does.

Just a thought. It will make life a little easier without the fuel due to the weight.

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