ERG valve 96 Poniac Tran Sport


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ERG valve 96 Poniac Tran Sport

That is EGR valve..sorry.. lol Our check engine light has been coming on and off for about a month..took van to Auto Zone and they checked it and said that the EGR valve is stopped up and that hubby could try cleaning it out first before purchasing a new one which costs in excess of $120. Anyone have any experience doing this? And can you give my hubby some tips on removal, cleaning, etc? He is pretty handy at most auto stuff but mostly has knowledge of older vehicles and has never done this before. Any help is appreciated or info to send us in the right direction of where to seek help. Thanks so much!

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Here's some help, butterfly:
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Remove the EGR valve, then use a wire brush to remove the carbon buildup. Don't use powerful solvents as they might damage the diaphram. If he has access to a ultrasonic cleaner that is good as well. Once its clean reinstall it, and replace the old gasket, clear the codes and see if that works. In addition, inspect all the vacuum hoses connected to the EGR and replace and that are cracked. If none of this worked then replacing the EGR valve is the next step, as it usually is.

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