check engine light


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check engine light

my 1991 mazda B2200 check engine light came on right at 120,000.
I'm sure it's for the timming belt replacement.
What I don't know is how to turn it off, I tried disconnecting the batterie - both terminals with no success. Will I have to put some black tape over it or is there another way--going to a dealer is not an option for me.

Thanks for any help
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If there is a 'check engine' light, you need to find out what is indicated. Don't assume it is just a timing belt notice. There are a number of chains that will tell you waht the indication is for free, have it checked.
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Check Engine Light.

The computer in your car has no way of knowing when your timing belt was last replaced. However, if it has not been done in the last 60000 miles Do It Now or you pay the tow!

If disconnecting the battery does not reset the light, you probably have a continuous problem and it should be scanned now. Try AUTOZONE. MAZDA will not do it free.

Note: When an autoparts dealer reads a problem code and suggests a replacement part, record the information and post it on this forum before purchasing any parts. I have had success with this method.

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not timing belt

It is not for your timing belt but since you know it needs changed do not cry when it breaks and destroys your engine. It could be something simple as a worn fuel cap you dont know unless you get a scan to read the code. (free) at autozone. Putting tape over light is a bad idea 1 if something severe were to happen you would be unaware.
Also dont know were you live but here you can forget about passing inspection even if you turn light off but problem is still there.
Computers will rat you out.
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Mazda CEL info:

And take michael's advice, that engine is a "valve-bender" if the timing belt breaks.

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