Ford Technical Service Bulletin # 96255


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Question Ford Technical Service Bulletin # 96255

I have a 1993 Escort LX 1900cc, 75000 miles. It appears there is a TSB 96255, Mass Air Flow - Assembly Replacement, but I have been unable to get free details of this TSB. What are the symptoms of a defective MAF? Does Ford have an improved replacement part? Will they replace it Free?

I can understand why private information publishers want a subscription payment for this information. However, Ford should supply it free to any Ford owner that the TSB applies to.
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Symptoms of a bad MAF are:

Unable to go over certain RPM's

Rough Idling


Dealers will not replace this for free.

TSB's are just bulletins about what customers have been having more problems with. They usually do not tell you what to look for, or how to troubleshoot it.
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What I have is an Intermittent Check Engine light that comes on and off while driving, but is always off when it starts. It runs well in the winter, but in hot weather above 50MPH, it misses on hills and I either need to back off on the gas or downshift(auto trans). O2, temp sensors, and fuel filter replaced. Fuel pressure is within specs at all speeds.

If Ford built the car with a defective MAF and they now have an improved replacement, shouldn't they replace it on a recall for free?

Note: The 93 Escort (OBD-I) passes inspection because the light does not come on for the short distance required for the mechanic to drive it onto the garage, and they only connect OBD-II vehicles to their computer.
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One of these maybe:

Neither one apprently refers to any defect. As "Hot" points out, a TSB is merely a "note" to mechanics, et al, not a recall.

You can see about reading codes here:

You really need to know what code is being set before you start shotgunning the troubleshooting.

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