94 Jimmy "windows Dont Work"


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Question 94 Jimmy "windows Dont Work"

My 94 Jimmy Has Power Windows 4 Of Them. The 2 In The Back Work Fine, The Ones In The Front Dont. Both The Driver And Passenger Side Will Both Go Down Fine!! But When It Comes To Rolling Them Up They Only Move About A Quarter Inch At A Time, ,,,, ,,
Ive Tried Coaxing Them With A Little Help Like Pulling Them Up While Hitting The Switch And That Still Wont Help. Is There Any Way I Can Be Certain That It Is The Motors Before I Buy Them And Dont Need Em????
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Classic signs of moter going out. GMs of that era had bad moters and since the front windows get used the most they are first to go. The moter has a self resetting circuit breaker. That is why it only moves a little at a time.
It gets hot then shuts down it cools and it works again.
You can try to lube the track with some silicone spray were the window slides up and down but this is only buying time at best. (dont get spray on window). hard to clean.
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Sounds like a broken wire most likely a grounding wire, probably where the body and door hinge usually drivers side it breaks due to opening and closing. remove the rubber boot and check the wires there.

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