1989 ranger, hot brakes.


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Question 1989 ranger, hot brakes.

Replaced the front disk pads on my son's 1989 ford ranger 2wd.
Now the disk pads are dragging and overheating? Removed and overhauled the mastercylinder, it was cruddy. Replaced both front disk calipers.
Repacked front wheel bearings using hi temp grease and replaced the seals.
Now I have a cracked rotor that needs replacing. The disk pad was sheared off because of a cracked rotor and had metal to metal grind and loss of braking power. This is all caused by the dragging disks. This has the rubber filled caliper pins that are drove out and in until the tabs retain it?
Could these pins cause the drag? They were lubed with hi temp disk brake grease and cleaned before installing.
The front wheels get steaming hot with just a few miles driving and normal braking at stops. This is happening to both front wheels?
I also drained and re placed the disk brake fluid in the mastercylinder down to the caliper with dot3 fluid.
Need suggestions, don't want to replace brake parts every 100 miles!!
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One or both front brake hoses bad possibly, although they normally don't go bad at the same time. When one does go bad it often shows up as a brake that won't properly "release" after braking; the internal deterioration acts as a check-valve.
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Hot brakes

Thanks for the reply. I purchased a brake flex line today! I did flush the line and bled the cylinder considerably.
The next project is the driver's side..

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