91 berreta 3.1 fuel prob


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Exclamation 91 berreta 3.1 fuel prob

have a prob pulling hair out. Car runs about 500ft then gets flooded black smoke while driveing just had computer replaced injectors tested fuel presser tested ran fine for a month now this will start up after about twenty 30 minutes but wont travel far sometimes can nurse it with high rpms to where ever use to be a good shade tree mech but this new sensor related prob dont even want to get into but since im not made of money any sugestions please!!

thanks Bud
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Check the ignition coil...possible weak spark if its a coil pack, If ok try Map or TPS sensor
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Smile sorry should of included

just replaced entire coil pack. as for TPS sensore is that the air change temp sensor or total preasure sensor...... mass air flow was kinda a starting point but havent got that far after putting so much money into this suposedly great running car just havent wanted to open the hood without getting some ideas first

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TPS is throttle position sensor...it uses reading from the tps, map, and coolant temp. sensors to determine the mixture also have you checked the O2 sensor ( oxygen sensor ) depending on the mileage it may need replacing. You need to see if any codes were set that may help or at least point you in the right direction.
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codes out of diagnostic

12 handshake says computer conected
Code 45 posible O2 sensor undervolt ???? so is that a bad o2 sensor or bad map runs for total of two min the shuts down like the key was off takes twenty min for it to dry up enough to start again ???

thanks bud
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i dont know what your exaact problem is with your beretta...

but for all your beretta questions go here...i do....

i drive a 90 Beretta Indy with the 3.1 in it

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My guess would be the O2 sensor is bad. You can either test it or simply replace it.

Some info:

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I'd say try the O2 first as well, possible dummping too much fuel in chamber bogging it down .At this point you may have to change plugs as well if the are saturated they won't spark to strong if at all, but check first.
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ok O2 Sensor changed plugs wires changed MAP MAF TPS sensors freind tested fuel presure it was in tolarence from what he read in his tech manual not sure what it was i was under car at time.. When changed all sensores it cleared the computer of any trouble codes. Ok so this is what im thinkin since it runs for about too minutes then just slows down on the idle and stalls for twenty min then it will start i am thinking old school problem like a bad coil you know will go for awhile then when it gets hot it shorts out and dies till it cools down and will start the car till it gets hot again had to quit working on it but tomarro im going to let it run till it dies then check the spark after its warmed up anyone have any better ideas im defintly all ears with wrench in hand Gas ax if needed lol

Bud OF Iowa
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for future reference on your beretta about the codes here they are..

but sounds to me like your fuel pump is getting weak...especially with you being able to nurse it to run at high rpms,, had the same problem with an old k-car that the fuel pump was failing on

this is a link to a beretta forum

12 system functioning
13 open o2 sensor circuit
14 cts signal low
15 cts signal high
21 tps signal high
22 tps signal low
23 mat sensor high
24 VSS sensor error
25 Mat signal low
32 egr system failure
33 map sensor signal high
34 map sensor signal low
35 idle speed error
42 est error with dis
43 ecs error
44 lean o2 reading
45 rich o2 reading
53 system overvoltage
54 fuel pump voltage low
62 gear switch error

95-96 codes

PO103 maf sensor circuit high frequency
PO106 map sensor circuit performance error
PO107 Map sensor circuit voltage low
PO108 Map sensor circuit volatge high
PO112 IAT sensor circuit voltage low
PO113 IAT sensor circuit voltage high
PO117 ECT sensor circuit voltage low
PO118 ECT sensor circuit voltage high
PO121 tps sensor system performance error
PO122 tps sensor circuit low voltage
PO123 tps sensor circuit voltage high
PO125 ECT excessive time to reach closed loop
PO131 HO2S circuit low voltage sensor 1
PO132 HO2S circuit high voltage sensor 1
PO133 HO2S slow response sensor 1
PO134 Ho2s Insufficient activity sensor 1
PO135 HO2S heater circuit sensor 1
PO137 HO2S circuit low voltage sensor 2
PO138 HO2s circuit high voltage sensor 2
PO139 HO2S slow response sensor 2
PO140 HO2S Insufficient activity sensor 2
PO141 HO2S heater circuit sensor 2
PO171 fuel trim system lean
PO172 fuel trim system rich
PO300 multiple misfire detected
PO301 Cylinder #1 multiple misfire
PO302 Cylinder #2 multiple misfire
PO303 CYlinder#3 multiple misfire
PO304 CYlinder#4 Multiple misfire
PO305 Cylinder #5 multiple misfire
PO306 Cylinder #6multiple misfire
PO325 knock sensor circuit error
PO326 knock sensor circuit volatge high
PO327 Knock sensor circuit voltage low
PO336 24X reference signla circuit error
PO341 Camshaft position sensor circuit error
PO401 EGR system insufficient flow
PO420 TWC system low efficiency
PO441 "the gas cap code" Evap system incorrect purge flow
PO506 Iac system RPM low
PO507 IAC system RPM high
PO530 AC refrigerant pressure sensor circuit error
PO560 System Voltage error
PO601 Ecm memory error
PO602 Ecm not programmed
PO705 transmission range switch curcuit error
PO706 Transmission range switch performance error
PO1106 map sensor circuit intermittent high voltage
PO1107 map sensor circuit intermittent low voltage
PO1111 Iat sensor circuit intermittent high voltage
PO1112 IAT sensor circuit intermittent Low voltage
PO1114 ECT sensor circuit intermittent low voltage
PO1115 ECT sensor circuit intermittent high voltage
PO1121 TP sensor circuit intermittent high voltage
PO1122 TP sensor circuit intermittent low voltage
PO1133 HO2S sensor1 circuit insifficient switching
PO1134 HO2S transition time ratio sensor 1
PO1200 injector control circuit error
PO1350 ignition control circuit error
PO1361 ingnition control circuit not toggling
PO1374 3X reference circuit error
PO1406 ERG valve pintle postion circuit error
PO1441 evap system flow during non purge
PO1442 evap system switch circuit error
PO1554 cruise control status circuit error
PO1635 5 volt reference A circuit
PO1639 5 Volt reference B circuit
PO1641 MIL control circuit error
PO1651 fan 1 relay control circuit error
PO1654 AC relay control circuit error
PO1655 evap purge solenoid control circuit error
PO1662 Cruise control inhibit circuit error
PO1672 Low oil light control circuit error
PO1673 engine hot light circuit control error
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Ignition module is also prone to intemittent problems when failing and hot. Unfortunately items like coils and ignition modules don't get a code, so sometimes the troubleshooting has to be shotgunned.

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