One washer fluid nozzle not working


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One washer fluid nozzle not working

I searched for washer fluid threads but didn't see a similar situation. My '98 Subaru Impreza's driver-side washer fluid nozzle works fine but the passenger side one does not - nothing comes out at all. Is this most likely a block in the hose or nozzle? If so, how do you unblock these? Thanks in advance!

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Use a very small wire like the ones you find on some loafs of bread remove the paper part and poke it in there.
Probbably clogged with car wax.
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a sewing needle works good too if you need something a little more rigid. I would reccomend taking the rubber hose off the back of the nozzle first so that after you poke whatever is clogging it through it will not come right back and clog it again as soon as you hit the washers a few times. Also, try blowing compressed air through there (ONLY with the rubber hose off or you might blow a hole in it).
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And additional note, on some vehicles you can "aim" the stream by moving the nozzle with a wire/needle in case it's squirting over the roof when you get it unplugged.
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Thanks for all the replies, folks! I'm not sure how I ended up fixing it (I just detached the main hose from that nozzle hose and reattached it but it's working fine now). Also, re: the aiming thing, I didn't even know about that so I aimed them properly at the same time. Thanks again!

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