Master Cylinder


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Master Cylinder

I have a 1988 Dodge Dakota 3.9 2wd. I am bench bleeding the new master cyl that I intend to replace, and I noticed that There is no fluid coming out of the "rear portion" of the mast cyl. Should fluid come out of both the front and back brake ports? I would like to know beforew I install thx.
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what do you mean there is no fluid coming out? What method are you using to bench bleed the master cylinder?
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I assume you have master cylinder in a vice and have a plastic tube on both bleeders going back into the resevoirs one on front and one on back. Both bleeders are open? pushing with a screwdriver or rod till no air bubbles come out.
Yes both should push fluid.
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Ya I got it bled after all, my real problem is that the parking brake doesn't work. I used to pull my boat and it worked fine. If it was an automatic I wouldn't even care,as its a work truck. Also the brakes drag after I set and release the parking brake. Even though it doesn't hold the truck still. I checked the cable and adjusted the adjuster to no avail. I figured the piston was malfunctionong in the master cyl. Not the case. I'm at a loss.

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