89 Chevrolet Silverado


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Question 89 Chevrolet Silverado

Truck won't start. Won't jump off. Husband checked all cables, cleaned battery cables, checked starter and alternator. Any ideas? Doesn't even turn over.
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any power?

Do you have power to anything else? Horn, lights, etc.
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Suspect the ignition switch.
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Could also be tranny safety switch or on a manual trans the clutch safety switch.

Make any noises when the key is turned?
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Arrow 89 Chevrolet Silverado

All lights and horn work. No noise.
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I found this on the net

Not my post but it is good as it applies to your 89. I had a 89 many many moons ago. so here goes:

I have checked out other questions and answers about engines not starting and haven't found anything like my problem. Yesterday, I parked my truck and several minutes later tried to start it. however, it would not turn over. I only heard a soft, slight click. My dome lights work, the clock works, the radio works, the dashboard lights work, the engine compartment lights work and no, I forgot to check the headlights or horn. At first I thought it may have been the battery. I changed the battery with a fully charged one, but still have the same problem. While I was at work, my father pulled the starter and had it bench tested. Autozone said that the starter and selanoid were fine. My question is what other possiblities are there? And how should I go about diagnosising? Ignition switch, ignition Fuse, Fusable link, etc?

I hope this is enough information.

Thank in advance for any help.


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Hello ladybug,
You listed some of the things you need to check, (Ignition switch, ignition Fuse, Fusable link, etc?)

In addition to them, check the neutral safety switch, and the wires through the firewall, and down to the starter.(probably a purple wire.)
Also check the ground cable where it connects to the engine, and the ground strap from the rear of the intake manifold, right side, to the firewall.
Obviously check the battery cable connections at the battery.

Then I would start at the starter. First test for battery voltage at the large post on the solenoid.
Then with a volt meter connected to the wire from the ignition switch,(probably that purple wire, but reguardless of color, it is the small terminal of the solenoid), see if you are getting battery voltage when the switch is turned to start.
If not, follow back through the wire to the neutral switch, and the ignition switch, both of which are probably mounted to the steering column, above the brake pedal, until you find where battery voltage isn't getting through. (If you have a standard transmission, it will have a clutch switch instead).
Another possibility is the connector through the firewall, where all the wires pass through.

A quick check of the battery cable condition is to jump across at the starter solenoid from the large battery stud, to that smaller stud, but be real careful doing that, cause if the truck is in gear, it could start and move, since you are bypassing all the safety switches.
Then, if it cranks the starter that way, you know the problem is in the circuit back through the switches mentioned above.

Good luck
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Cool ?

you wrote: Husband checked all cables, cleaned battery cables, checked starter and alternator.
how did he check the starter and alternator?

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