engine lite comes on, car stalls


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Smile engine lite comes on, car stalls

Hello, need help. I have a used 2001 Buick La saber, after I have driven awhile the engine lite comes on and the car stops. After it cools down it will start up again. I had a mechanic look at it, his comment was "I need to see the car when the lite is on" well when the lite comes on the car stops. Has anyone experienced this kind of problem, if not, does anyone have an idea of how to approch this problem. Thank you, Al
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Your mechanic should have been able to scan it and get stored codes. other alternative is to go by an Auto Zone and they will scan it for free. Post back here what code(s) you get.

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Well I can't speak too much for your car. However, Nissan Altimas had a similar issues where oil would by-pass the distributor seal and screw out the timing, thus the car will stall out and restart when it cooled off for 30 minutes. I doubt this is your case. As the_tow_guy mentioned, you need to have the ECU scanned for stored coded.
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same thing happened to me in my 97 grand prix turned out to be two things, a missfire caused by bad ignition wires and a bad thermostat. luckily on these new cars when the engine gets like that it shuts down and doesnt let you drive cuase otherwise you would blow the engine. but for sure go to auto zone and run the obdII and check the codes. buy a chilton and keep it in the car. it has saved my butt many times.
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need more info

You got to have a code. The code is stored in the computer even if the light is off.
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Red face checking codes

A Buick is a GM. I check my Chevy codes myself. They make a little tool that fits on a keychain for like $1. I use a paper clip or cotter pin and stick it in the diagnostic connector at the 2 upper right connections, then turn the key to run. The check engine light will flash once, pause, then flash twice, meaning 12 which shows normal, it will repeat that code 12 three times, then any codes that are stored and repeat them 3 times, then back to the normal 12. Just a thought instead of running to autozone, cause sometimes they are too far away or even closed!!!
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That's an OBD-I procedure (and codes); I use it on my '94 Chevy wrecker. Won't work on OBD-II.
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Ob 11

Thats right the OB11 needs a scanner I think 94 was the last year for the paper clip count flashes deal.
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What motor do you have ?
I've experienced similar problems with my GM car 3.1L V6
I made the mistake of puting aftermarket plugs and wires on.
Had to put on OEM plugs and wires to fix it.
Being it's a used car I would suggest replacing those first with OEM's.

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