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I own a Suzuki Swift Berline 1994. I just had it in for noise in the front end that I was sure was CV joint problems. The insurance company would only authorize replacing the boots and regreasing of the CV joints.I am at 135Km of a 160Km warranty. The service manager seems to think that the CV joints should have been replaced and that is what I wanted. I think the insurance Co just wants to get me past the 160Km mark. Should the CV joints be replaced if they were making noise?
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Not knowing the terms of your insurance agreement with the company, it would be hard to form an opinion as to their credibility.

Constant Velocity Joints are a variable but would, of course, have wear at 160,000. It the outer rubber covers were compromised and dirt was allowed to enter the operational surfaces of the CVJ, the wear would increase substantially.

The CVJ comes more into play when the vehicle is in a turn. If the joints were worn, there is usually a noticeable "clicking" sound that can be heard. Another possible indication is that the car will "whip" slightly in a turn.
If the mechanic says they need to be changed, it is a good bet he/she is right.
For safety sake, it is in your best interests to replace them with our without the support of the insurance company. They are not an expensive item to replace and and far cheaper than cleaning up the mess when one fails totally at 80 KPH.

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cv concern

smokey is wright , you should never compromise safty and by the way, check in to replacing with drive axles as complete part , i believe it is now cheaper way to go .

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