New Disc Pads- noise?


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Question New Disc Pads- noise?

2002 Honda Odyssey 6 cyl w A/C, 89,000 miles
3 days ago installed new front rotors and ceramic pads.

Bedded pads in, then, next day, loud squeal while driving, not during braking.
Sounds like right front brake.
I'm thinking of spreading disc brake anti squeal compound on back of pads and any metal moving parts of caliper to pads.
Some one suggested to me that the brake lines had air, and the air in lines is what's making noise???? I have never heard of that! First of all, I dont believe the brake lines had opportunity to get air in them.
I removed master cylinder cap to allow fluid expansion while C clamping old pad to retract caliper pistons, no sign of fluid or bad seals on calipers. Brake lines were handled careful, (calipers suspended by wire during work,) they appear to have no damage or leaks.
I don't understand how air may have entered anywhere, master cylinder was always up to desired fluid level. I removed maybe 3 oz. of fluid after new meat was installed on calipers.
Am I correct in thinking brakes need the anti squeal compound only? Or
could there be other possibilities that I need to consider.
Thank You for any tips or advice!
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Well, first things first. As a rule you shouldn't send the brake fluid back up into the lines, you should open the bleeder on the caliper when compressing the c-clamp and for good measure bleed them anyway. Some how air can get in when pushing the piston back in.
And no, air in the lines can't create a squeek or squeel but dirty pads and rotors can and over-tightening the lug nuts can change the clearance of pad to rotor or "runout" causing extra friction/heat against the rotors can also.
Did you do the following:
-Use "Brake Clean" spray on the rotors before putting the new pads on ?
-Lightly sand the new pads before installation ?
-Clean and lube the caliper slides ?
-Use Anti rattle glue on the back of the pads ?
Also I was going to mention cutting the rotors but you said they were new.
Are they NEW or just from a salvage yard. I have seen guys take bran new rotors and lightly cut them before installing to have a "clean" installation.
You should also break-in the pads by doing several easy stops before heating them up ussaualy they come with break-in instructions on the box.

I hope this helps.
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Yes, New store bought rotors were sprayed with brake clean, lightly hit the new ceramic pads with brake clean too. I used to request parts counter to "face off" all brand new store bought rotors I purchased, but cant get them to do that anymore, they will charge full price to turn new rotors, instead.
( I sold auto parts for 6 years,a long time ago, have never seen or bought since then, a rotor in my life that wasnt warped off the shelf. One parts house I worked at would do this for nothing, if the customer requested it, for new rotors, just take maybe .002in from rotor to true it up.)

Back to problem,,,,,,,,,,, grin
I did not however, lightly sand pads.
Cleaned and silicone greased caliper slides and bolt threads to caliper.

Just tonite have pulled right caliper and coated metal back of pads and all metal to metal contact points of pads with anti squeal paste from auto parts house. Makes no noise at all now, we'll see if it stays quiet next 24 hours, I'm sure wife will let me know otherwise,, grin.

Thanks for the tip on draining brake fluid instead of pushing back into system, didnt realize that wasnt the best idea,, always glad to learn something new,
this forum is great!

One more QUESTION on topic please:
, anyone have any rule of thumb on flush, fill and bleed of entire brake system? 100K miles or what? thanks,,,,,,
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this reply is just for kicks
one, i had never heard of anti-rattle stuff, lmao
Truly, tho, this was excellent info. I learn something new everyday. Thx
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Ok, sorry for my poor description of "Disk Brake Quiet" in the catchup packets I like to call them anti-rattle glue.

rshack I have to laugh about your wife's approval. Everytime I fix the car and there is a night and day difference my wife never notices but let it be something totally un-important like a serpintine belt noise and she's affraid to drive it.
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Cool brake noise

It's my understanding that brand new rotors should be machined to insure a true fit.

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