'95 GMC AC/heater controls


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'95 GMC AC/heater controls

I have a 1995 GMC Serria (half ton) with AC. I bought the truck about 8 months ago, the heater would only blow through the defrost vent on the dash. The man I bought it from, a mechanic, told me it needed a new AC/heater control switch. No problem I won't need AC for about 8 months. I just replaced the switch with a new one but it still does the same thing. Now, when I bought it the man told me that it had flood water in it, several inches over the floor board in a recent hurricane, I am not sure if this could have an effect on the heater controls. A mechanic recently told me that the actuator cable is probably rusted and the whole dash would have to come out to fix it. Big bucks for labor and he didn't have time either. I started into it myself but I am not exactly sure where this actuator might be. Is there more than one actuator? Are all of them vaccume controled or is it possible it is operated by an electric motor? Does anyone know of a repair manual that goes into detail on this subject?

Any help will be greatly appreciated, vrod05
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Cool Tip

If you are going to attempt to repair this yourself and there seem to be too many connections to remember, I used to take masking tape and after removing anything I would wrap a small piece of tape around the connection and write on it where it goes. Or you could buy a pack of those color coded, numbered tape dispensers for just that. Say you take off a connection...you put a blue01 on the connection you just took off and a blue01 on the part, so when it comes time to put everything back together just match up the color and number. You could just write your own on tape if you cant find them dispenser tape things. Also, it never hurts to draw pictures of even use a camera to take pictures on huge jobs...

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