Anyone an Expert on Tires?


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Anyone an Expert on Tires?

I have a 1994 GEO Metro. The standard tires are P145/80R12. I'm having more and more trouble finding 12" tires. I was told I could use 13". Sears currently has P155/80SR13 tires on sale at a great price. Would those be ok for my car?

Thanks much,
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Cool tires

You are going to have to find 4 13" rims. Usually a shop will be able to tell you if they would fit. I imagine clearance is the issue. Before you go out and buy 4 new rims and mount and balance 4 new tires, I would find an old 13 tire and rim in a junk yard and ask the shop to mount it on every 4 positions and check the clearance. It shouldn't throw off your alignment since they will all be the same size. It might throw off the speedometer a little but I am unsure of that.
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check this out

Google tire calculator its all there.
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Can also find them on line and have them mounted locally. How much hassle do you really want to put in on a 13 year old Metro. I'm guessing it'll have about enough life left in it for one more set of tires. Here's one on-line supplier, although it appears to be a snow/ice design:
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With gas prices what they are it might be a keeper

My oldest son had a 90 metro, 3cyl w/5 speed, fantastic gas mileage but he wrecked it one too many times
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yes if u can find a set of four 13" wheels to put the tires on becuase the 13" tires wont fit on the 12" wheels u have already

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