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Question Brakes

Do u need any special tools to replace brakes and rotor's on a 94 astro van? Is this a very difficult job. TY Geo
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Talking brakes

Go to a library and look up how to do it and copy the pages. You might consider buying a book. Look in the library first, then choose what book you might want. Chilton, Haynes, Mitchell? Also, you should have the rotors machined first to insure a good fit with the pads. If your rotors have bearings in them the MUST be repacked with grease, and a new seal and cotter pin. You can buy a bearing packer of just put a bunch of grease in the palm of your hand and put your fingers inside the bearing and force that grease in there till it comes out the back, then grease all around the bearing and grase the inside of the rotors where the recess is. Install the new seal and bearings, install the rotor and nut and spin the rotor by hand to seat the bearings equally and tighten the nut untill you have no play in rotor, then back the nut out about 1/2 turn and search for the hole for the cotter pin. Use wheel bearing grease on that, and white lithium grease and grease the slides on caliper and bolts and anything that looks like it needs to move or slide. If you dont crack any brake lines loose then you shouldn't have to bleed any air out. Make sure after you get done with disk brakes, before you drive the car, pump up the pedal to push out the pads. You know you have to use a large C-clamp to push in the inside pad in order to fit in the new ones, just use the old pad and put the clamp on that. Make sure you choose the right pad for each side and the anti-rattle clip is on the correct side of the pad. It might push out fluid out the top of master cylinder when you push in the pads, but just clean it up.
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Cool almost forgot

You might need a hex or allen type socket, probably just a few dollars...for the bolts. Also a small screwdriver to remove the clips on pads, a big screwdriver to push in the pads a little in order to get the caliper off and maybe a hammer. Plus, remember to push back in the little slides that the bolts run inside.
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a C-clamp comes in handy

To push the piston back into the caliper.Before you push it back in remvoe wsome brake fluid from the master cylinder.Another way is to just open the bleeder to let pressure relieve itself while using the c-clamp.
Inspect the rubber part of the brake lines for cracks and splits.Replace if badly worn.

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