92 Dodge died while running - COMPLETELY, no electrical power at all


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92 Dodge died while running - COMPLETELY, no electrical power at all

I have a 92 Dodge D150, 318, with 127,000 miles. Started up just perfectly tonight and I drove it no more than 100 yards and it just completely died - **while running** no lights came on in the dash, nothing. Just completely dead electrically. Not a sound when turning the key to try to restart it.

I realize I'll probably have to take it to a mechanic rather than my do-it-yourself-car-fixer-upper friend, but I'm just sitting here miserable without my truck and wondering what the options might be?

Thanks so much in advance for any advice!!
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Smile no power

Check the battery connections...if you can move them with your hand they are loose.
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could be a few things bad connections or try putting another battery. it could be shorted if u try a jump disconnect the neg cable from your battery because if it is shorted the jump wont work and could dammage the alt. on the running car. if that dont work try cleaning all the connections.
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I'd be checking fusible links..............I'll betcha one or more are pretty well "cooked"

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