1987 Nissan Sentra what starter do I need?


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1987 Nissan Sentra what starter do I need?

1987 Nissan Sentra what starter do I need? I bought 3 different starters from autozone and its still not working i have model #681056 16816 installed right now and nothing is happening (no clicking nothing) still can anyone tell me if this is right? Or how to tell what is going on? Sorry I am loosing it. Its a 2dr, Federal emmissions. Ive never had anything like this happen b4 ever! Installing 4 different starters! This is absurd. Someone ppppppleaase help
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There might be an external starter solenoid. Have you checked for this? If you hear no clicking or anything, it's usually a solenoid problem or a electrical problem upstream from the starter.

Get a multimeter (voltmeter) and check and see if you have 12vDC at the starter.
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First things first..............Check for voltage at the main wire...........Voltage there...........OK JUmper from the main wire to the trigger wire (the little one with the plastic connector)...........If the vehicle cranks, the starter is NOT the problem. These cars are good for ignition switch issues. Check to see if 12 volts comes OUT of the switch when turned to start...........and there's no aftermarket alarm diverting it from the starter

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