Electrical noise from 07 CRV


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Electrical noise from 07 CRV

This may be a dumb question but I wanted to see if anyone has heard a similar noise before in their car. When I put the key in the ignition and turn it to the 2nd position all the lights in the dash come on and while the lights are coming on you can hear this high pitch electrical noise as soon as all the digital gages on the dash are fully loaded the noise stops. You can hear the noise again when you turn the car off and remove the keys. The noise does not stop unitl the lights in the dash have cut off. I called my local honda dealer about the issue and the service tech said they have had a lot of calls about the noise. He said it was normal in more modern cars that have digital gages in the dash, and that it was the relay that I was hearing. Does anyone else know if their car does the same thing?
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same electrical noise on 2000 Infiniti I30

I am currently having the same type of noise: when key turns to 2nd position, when power stuff comes on, but before ignition, and then again after shut-off. I would describe the noise as a winding noise. While trying to learn the particulars of duplicating the issue (for when I take it to the dealer later) I noticed that it doesn't do it if I turn the key off and back on in quick succession. It only occurs if I wait about 10 seconds between key turns (after all the electrical clicks that typically occur (I assume to do with all the computerized stuff in higher-end cars) have finished).

I'm not jiving with what your Honda dealer told you (normal for modern computerized cars) because my Infiniti is highly computerized, but 7 years old, and we've never noticed this noise before the last couple of weeks.

Let me know if you have found another explanation or solution. I will do the same. Thanks!
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Try it with your head out the window. You may hear the whir or clicking sounds from the rear part of the car. That would be the fuel pump inside of the gas tank building pressure. A normal condition.
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Winding noise is NOT in the rear

I did my best to locate the noise before with the hood up and someone else turning the key. It is definitely in the front, more on the passenger side, and not right on the surface. It's harder to pinpoint from there, as the tire is in the way when I am on the floor, but it doesn't seem to come from the very front.

To be clear, it doesn't really sound like anything is wrong, but I've never noticed the sound before last week, and I've had the car for 5 years. My stepdad also mentioned fuel pump (diagnosing over the phone): it has been 100 degrees for last several days, gas will evaporate in heat, and more is drawn/required for ignition. Is there a fuel system component in the front that could be responsible?

Just had starter replaced at infiniti dealer, and A/C fan/motor assembly replaced (seemingly unrelated, but trying to give you all info).
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Don't know jack about your car, just thinking "out-loud". I don't think it would have anything to do with the fuel pump, as you hear it when you turn the key on and also when you turn it off.

So my thoughts is something has to be set when the car is turned on and than goes back to "nuetrel" when car is off. I wonder if the damper for the A/C has a electric motor on it, that opens the damper when the car is turned on and the A/C is in the on position (as normal for this time of year). When you shut the car off, the motor closes the damper!?!?!? Power antenna's used to make that kind of a noise.

Just my $.02

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